Each bag we make have unique laser engraved number on the front.
 How can your Lost Bag be retrieve?
1. Get our Invention!

2. When somebody finds a bag, they can now input the number on our website.
3. From there, bag owners are sent an e-mail in order to arrange the safe return of their bag.
 You simply have to...
1. Access the Lost-Bag System with your unique Id and Password to specify your contact information which are securely stored on our server.  

2. Your Bag will be identified by the unique ID which was assigned to you when you purchased the system.
 **At no point during the return of your bag will your contact information be disclosed to any external party, thus ensuring an efficient return without compromising your personal security and privacy. 

 The Lost-Bag system insures that any loss is only temporary. 
China Bag Factory - Invention lost bag system

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