Interesting Custom Cooler Bag products

 Cooler bags are common promotional products used in various marketing campaigns. They are usually used to maintain the temperature of the contents in the bag. Some uses of cooler bags include food delivery, cosmetics and medical/pharmaceutical use. Hence, with its many uses, it can be given to customers as a marketing gift. In this blog, we would like to introduce 2 interesting custom cooler bag products that you can roll out in your promotional campaign. 

1. Nylon waterproof insulated backpack with cooler bag 

This is a nylon backpack that has multiple purposes. Firstly, it is a waterproof backpack, which allows the products in the bag to be protected rain or shine. Secondly, it has an insulated layer. This prevents heat from entering or escaping the bag, keeping its contents within the same temperature range. Users can easily transport their food items around without the worry of worsened food quality.  Thirdly, it comes with a USB charging feature. This allows users to charge their phones while they are on-the-go anytime anywhere. 

What do we like about this product? 

We love that this backpack is big and spacious, which allows it to store many products. Other than products that need to be put in the cooler bag, this backpack allows you to store other necessities such as your mobile devices, hand sanitizers, tissue paper and many more. It also has a number of different compartments, which allow users to store their personal items. Furthermore, it has a hidden compartment, which allows us to place our prized possessions. This is a great product to bring out whenever customers are travelling or simply out for a long day.

This product has many great features, which would encourage customers to use this product often and more frequently. By adding the company logo on this product, it would allow the bag to bring about increased brand awareness and visibility. This bag is useful for customers who use it while bringing about marketing advantages for the brand. Checkout this interesting solar backpack too!

2. Portable UVC sterilization Virus Defender/ Cooler Bag

Now, we have this portable UVC sterilization bag. This bag is slightly different from other cooler bags. It comes with a UVC sterilization feature, which makes use of UV light to sterilize the products in the bag. This is an exceptionally well loved and highly demanded feature. Especially, with the current ongoing virus pandemic. Such a feature will be extremely useful in protecting users and their loved ones to the potential virus threats. 

This bag can store a variety of products such as mobile phones and accessories, cosmetic products, fashion accessories and even glass/ceramic products. With its portability, it is easy to transport this bag around to sterilize any form of products that may require sterilization. Moreover, the product is provided with various accessories that make the process easy and safe to use. You can check out this blog for other interesting outdoor promotional products as well.

What do we like about this product?

This product is small and portable and is suitable for sterilization of a variety of products. With its large external space for branding, it would bring about brand remembrance whenever the product is being used. 


To conclude, we believe that bags are great promotional products that one can use for their marketing campaign. With a variety of bag products like tote bags, trolley bags and even reflective bags, cooler bags stand out due to its high functionality.

If you are keen on designing or customizing promotional bags, contact us at ODM Group. We have many years of experience in the promotional products market and we would be happy to assist you in any of your upcoming projects. Otherwise, you can read our blogs for more inspiration on other promotional product ideas. Here are some other related articles that you may be interested in:

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