Wednesday 30 October 2019

Custom Designed Backpacks with Smart Locks and Accessories

Smart lock bags are trending nowadays. Unlike ordinary bags, smart backpacks offer high-tech features such as fingerprint lock and GPS tracking features. These additional features are indeed helpful for customers.

Here are some of the designs and styles our product designers have come up with:

Sleek, modern style is ideal for a wide range of market. Students and office workers will surely find these backpacks perfect travel companion. They can use it to carry their laptops, spare clothes, and other personal items. 

Neat and stylish, these bags are something customers will be proud to carry around. As mentioned, you can customize these bags with brand name, logo, and other brand visuals. These bags feature smart locks and GPS tracking system.

What Sets These Bags Apart?

Sleek Design - The sleek and neat design is suitable for students and office employees.

Sturdy - Durable enough to hold a standard size laptop and other personal items.

A Wide Range of Smart Lock Options - Clients can choose from various smart lock options such as fingerprint locks, metal wire lock, fingerprint padlock, handle lock, fingerprint padlock, and more.

Custom Designed Backpacks with Smart Locks and Accessories

Materials - Materials can vary from woven to cordura, polyester, and nylon. You can even combine these materials for reinforced durability.

Style - Marketing managers can choose from any of the above styles and designs. Aside from grey and blue, the colors can be custom matched to your brand colors for greater brand recognition.

So, are you keen to custom design backpacks for business? Contact us to learn how we can help you design custom bags for your company.

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