Tuesday 14 August 2018

Bag Design Ideas To Spice Up Your Promotions

When it comes to versatility, bags rank high in the list of ideal promotional products. Lots of companies are giving away promotional bags- be it custom luggage bags, custom cosmetic pouch or reflective shopping bags. cosmetics and wine brands are some of the companies that love to use bags for their packaging or customer giveaways.

They are ideal for street advertising because they expand their brand visibility the more customers use them every day. We love some good bag designs and styles that is why we have rounded up some of our favorites below:

Bag Design Ideas for Your Next Project

  1. Custom Cooler Bag by Hageen-Dazs
As the name suggests, this is a cooler bag that customers can use for keeping their ice cream cool for hours which is why it's perfect for travels. As a promotional product, we believe that it is effective in conveying their brand message. More importantly, because it is reusable, it extends visibility after customers have finished their ice cream.

Custom Cooler Bag by Haagen-Dazs
 2. Custom Eco-Friendly Bags

Made from recycled paper and bamboo, these bags are great for conservation promotions and green marketing. What we love about these products is its design flexibility.  They are surprisingly sturdy and they come in various styles and colors. Print your brand name or logo on the bags for better brand visibility.

Custom Eco Friendly Bags

3. Promotional Beach Tote Bag

These neon pink PVC clear bags will surely spice up your summer promotions. They are stylish and suit their target demographic really well. We love the brand positioning in this one. Neat and simple design and bold colors exude fun vibes!

Promotional Beach Tote Bag

4. Reflective Promotional Drawstring Bag

This bag ties in well with sports promotions and sponsorship. The design is great for kids due to its safety stopper. But the best feature of this bag is the reflective strip sewn right across the body. It enhances the visibility of the customer and keeps him/her safe on the road at night.

Reflective Drawstring Bag
 5. Wireless Custom Charging Bag

Functionality and Beauty in one promotional product. This is a wonderful innovation because it allows customer to charge their devices anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, the front and back side of the bag are wide enough to be printed with rand name or logo.

Wireless Custom Charging Bag

If you love these ideas, do contact The ODM Group so we can start working on your bag designs!

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