Friday 31 August 2018

Benefits of Using Promotional Shopping Bag with Reflective Graphics

Last time, we discussed the benefits of using shopping bags with reflective sides. In this blog, our focus is on using promotional shopping bag with reflective graphics.

Benefits of Using Promotional Shopping Bag with Reflective Graphics

As a business owner, you want to make sure that your promotional product will not end up in the trash bin after your promotions are over. Shopping bags make fantastic promotional items because they have a lot of application beyond the walls of a shopping store. If you are thinking of using a branded shopping for your campaign, here are some tips for using them effectively:

How to Use Promotional shopping Bags with Reflective Graphics:

So what are the benefits of using such item?

Benefits of Using Promotional Shopping Bag with Reflective Graphics

Benefits of Using Shopping Bags With Reflective Graphics

  • Walking Advertisement- With frequent use, customers indirectly advertise your brand to people they meet on the street, at work or at home.
  • Increased Appeal- Printing Reflective graphics on shopping bags follows the same printing procedure as standard silk screen printing only that it uses reflective ink which is more expensive than standard ink. However, it makes your brand stand out even under low lighting conditions. 
  • Keeps pedestrians  safe: The reflecetive sides and reflective graphics help increase pedestrian visibility at night. It helps them become visible to drivers, thereby reducing the risk of getting hit by passing cars.
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Friday 24 August 2018

Check Them Out! Top Promotional Bag Designs That Will Wow Shoppers

We got some beautiful bag styles and designs for you, guys! Our team has found a variety of awesome pouch bags, wine bags, and luxury bags being offered as premium gift with purchase or purchase with purchase promotion items.

We have mentioned before that bags are fantastic promotional products due to their flexibility and functionality. They can be used as marketing gifts or packaging. Add some reflective strips, and voila! Your bag now has an additional safety feature that can potentially save lives!

So here's some of our favorite promotional bag designs that you might find interesting:

  1. Davidoff GWP Toiletry Bag

Ideal for carrying toiletries during travels, this toiletry bag from Davidoff is just the right size so it saves luggage space and is easy to carry. The colors also matched the main product they're selling. We also love the leather label with embossed brand name. It gives the free gift item a classy appeal.

Giving away a free shopping bag for a certain amount of purchase is a simple yet effective way to incentivise shoppers. We found this promotion in a shopping store in Thailand. Shoppers will be delighted  to receive  a sturdy free shopping bag they can use to carry their groceries. And when customers are satisfied, they will definitely remember your brand and come back for more.

The metallic finish and the embossed brand name right across the lower part of the tote bag are what made the bag look so expensive and stylish. With this as a gift with purchase item, who would't be enticed to purchase their perfume?

 Bota or wine skin Bag are traditionally made of leather. People in the past would use them to store their alcohol or water. But a few wine brands put a modern spin on this vintage item.

The authentic designs and the high quality materials used in manufacturing these products made them a premium gift with purchase for wine and drinks products.

Let your customers feast their eyes upon these tasty-looking purse! But how can we use it for your promotions? They are ideal as gift with purchase for fastfood chains and other food products. You can also use them as customer giveaways for short promotional runs as they are made from faux leather, which is a cheap alternative to leather. It's easy to manufacture and designs can range from ice creams, french fries etc. Want to use them for brand campaign? You may use cosmetic-related designs for cosmetic marketing or anything that suits your brand!

Do you find these bag ideas interesting? We can help you design and manufacture high quality bags that meet your business needs. Send us an email and our staff will be more than happy to help! For more promotional products ideas, visit our website.

Tuesday 14 August 2018

Bag Design Ideas To Spice Up Your Promotions

When it comes to versatility, bags rank high in the list of ideal promotional products. Lots of companies are giving away promotional bags- be it custom luggage bags, custom cosmetic pouch or reflective shopping bags. cosmetics and wine brands are some of the companies that love to use bags for their packaging or customer giveaways.

They are ideal for street advertising because they expand their brand visibility the more customers use them every day. We love some good bag designs and styles that is why we have rounded up some of our favorites below:

Bag Design Ideas for Your Next Project

  1. Custom Cooler Bag by Hageen-Dazs
As the name suggests, this is a cooler bag that customers can use for keeping their ice cream cool for hours which is why it's perfect for travels. As a promotional product, we believe that it is effective in conveying their brand message. More importantly, because it is reusable, it extends visibility after customers have finished their ice cream.

Custom Cooler Bag by Haagen-Dazs
 2. Custom Eco-Friendly Bags

Made from recycled paper and bamboo, these bags are great for conservation promotions and green marketing. What we love about these products is its design flexibility.  They are surprisingly sturdy and they come in various styles and colors. Print your brand name or logo on the bags for better brand visibility.

Custom Eco Friendly Bags

3. Promotional Beach Tote Bag

These neon pink PVC clear bags will surely spice up your summer promotions. They are stylish and suit their target demographic really well. We love the brand positioning in this one. Neat and simple design and bold colors exude fun vibes!

Promotional Beach Tote Bag

4. Reflective Promotional Drawstring Bag

This bag ties in well with sports promotions and sponsorship. The design is great for kids due to its safety stopper. But the best feature of this bag is the reflective strip sewn right across the body. It enhances the visibility of the customer and keeps him/her safe on the road at night.

Reflective Drawstring Bag
 5. Wireless Custom Charging Bag

Functionality and Beauty in one promotional product. This is a wonderful innovation because it allows customer to charge their devices anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, the front and back side of the bag are wide enough to be printed with rand name or logo.

Wireless Custom Charging Bag

If you love these ideas, do contact The ODM Group so we can start working on your bag designs!

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