Bag Design Ideas To Spice Up Your Promotions

When it comes to versatility, bags rank high in the list of ideal promotional products. Lots of companies are giving away promotional bags- be it custom luggage bags, custom cosmetic pouch or reflective shopping bags. cosmetics and wine brands are some of the companies that love to use bags for their packaging or customer giveaways.

They are ideal for street advertising because they expand their brand visibility the more customers use them every day. We love some good bag designs and styles that is why we have rounded up some of our favorites below:

Bag Design Ideas for Your Next Project

  1. Custom Cooler Bag by Hageen-Dazs
As the name suggests, this is a cooler bag that customers can use for keeping their ice cream cool for hours which is why it's perfect for travels. As a promotional product, we believe that it is effective in conveying their brand message. More importantly, because it is reusable, it extends visibility after customers have finished their ice cream.

Custom Cooler Bag by Haagen-Dazs
 2. Custom Eco-Friendly Bags

Made from recycled paper and bamboo, these bags are great for conservation promotions and green marketing. What we love about these products is its design flexibility.  They are surprisingly sturdy and they come in various styles and colors. Print your brand name or logo on the bags for better brand visibility.

Custom Eco Friendly Bags

3. Promotional Beach Tote Bag

These neon pink PVC clear bags will surely spice up your summer promotions. They are stylish and suit their target demographic really well. We love the brand positioning in this one. Neat and simple design and bold colors exude fun vibes!

Promotional Beach Tote Bag

4. Reflective Promotional Drawstring Bag

This bag ties in well with sports promotions and sponsorship. The design is great for kids due to its safety stopper. But the best feature of this bag is the reflective strip sewn right across the body. It enhances the visibility of the customer and keeps him/her safe on the road at night.

Reflective Drawstring Bag
 5. Wireless Custom Charging Bag

Functionality and Beauty in one promotional product. This is a wonderful innovation because it allows customer to charge their devices anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, the front and back side of the bag are wide enough to be printed with rand name or logo.

Wireless Custom Charging Bag

If you love these ideas, do contact The ODM Group so we can start working on your bag designs!

These Trendy Shopping Bags Will Make You Want to Ditch Plastic Grocery Bags

Are you looking for fresh promotional shopping bag design ideas? Our team is currently working on creating different reflective bag designs and add-ons for enhanced look and functionality.

Because shopping bags are always in demand, we believe that they are an effective vehicle to get people to know more about your company. Plus, they have reflective piping that makes pedestrians easily noticeable when crossing the streets at night.

We listed some of the designs we love and why we recommend.

1. Custom Printed Shopping Bag with Snakes and Ladders Design

custom printed bag
Custom Printed Bag with Snakes and Ladders Design


  • Reflective Piping
  • Non woven 
  • Full color print
  • Comes with Game Pieces (Dice and Chips|)
  • Large with side gussets
Get your kids to play the all-time favorite game Snakes-and-Ladders during outings. It comes with game pieces (dice and chips). When not in use, they can keep the pieces on the side pocket of the bag. 

2. Custom Inflatable Bag

Custom Inflatable Bag


  • Reflective Piping
  • Sides can be inflated and deflated as needed
  • Non woven 
  • Full color print
  • With Side Gussets
It's one of the best designs we have seen yet. The sides can be inflated and used as cushion which you can sit on during festivals, picnics, and camping. You can deflate and fold it after use. Fully customizable and brandable, business owners can use them for marketing promotions.

3. Coloring Shopping Bag

Coloring Shopping Bag


  • Reflective Piping
  • Non woven 
  • Silk Screen Printed Designs
  • Comes with Custom Crayons
  • With Side Gussets
This one is the promotional reflective bag used by SPAR, an international chain of retail store, during their Easter Sunday promotions. Each bag comes with custom crayons. Plus, the non-woven fabric is eco-friendly and will not affect the quality of food you put into the bag.

To summarize, aside from being able to keep you safe on the streets at night reflective shopping bags are environmentally safe, durable, and trendy. Due to its practicality and flexibility, it is one of the most preferred promotional items by many marketers.

Interested to learn more about reflective bags? Visit our website

5 Awesome Reflective Shopping Bag Ideas You Need to See Now

We have launched our reflective bag website just recently and we got lots of shopping bag design works for clients. If you are in the lookout for new trends, then these reflective bags are perfect for you.

They are different from the standard grocery bags here's why:

  • Feature patented reflective piping that is very visible at a great distance.
  • In addition, they are durable and reusable. The bags are made from recyclable PP materials that are durable and eco-friendly. Now that many retail stores are charging shoppers for single use plastic bags, reusable shopping bags make more financial and practical sense. More importantly, you get to help the environment by not using plastic bags for shopping.
  • Designs can vary from simple branded bag with logo, to reflective pumpkin bags, and custom candy bags.

Below we share some of our favorite shopping bag design ideas:

  1. Cute Custom Candy Bag with Reflective Trim as Gaming Merchandise
Pokemon balls are same shape so the logo is really eye-catching. The icon is perfectly framed in this bag.
Cute Custom Candy Bag as Gaming Merchandise

      2. Reflective Promotional Bags for Pharmacies

Apotheek, a chain of pharmacies in Belgium is using custom shopping bags with reflective piping – the same designs and reflective piping, but with different contact details for each of their branch location.
Design Idea: Reflective Promotional Bags For Pharmacies
We make the bags and then Silk Screen print details of each branch including contact details and address.   This could also work for Car Dealerships or other brands with multiple independent branches.
Design Idea: Reflective Promotional Bags For Pharmacies
Above, is another design for kids. It's a coloring bag with free custom crayons manufactured by ODM.

      3. Duty Free Bag with Sleeve

The sleeve of this Duty Free shopping bag allows you to attach it to your luggage and the zipper keeps content safe. Simple yet useful innovation for travelers.
Reflective Shopping Bag Design Idea: Duty Free Bag With Sleeve

The additional wheels on Carrefour's branded shopping bags makes shopping more convenient. Mesh on the side is perfect for keeping water bottle within reach.

Great for Halloween, when the number of road accidents are high, these pumpkin candy bags have reflective piping so that kids are highly visible when they cross the street.

Reflective Pumpkin Bag- Making Halloween Safe and Fun for Kids

We'll give you a glimpse of the manufacturing process. Check out the video below:

Find out more about reflective shopping bags! Visit If you have unique shopping bag design ideas, feel free to speak with our product designers at Mindsparkz. You can also visit for more promotional bag ideas.

Amenity Kit bags for Hotels

The Sands Casino Resort in Macau take great care of their guests. We are accustomed to finding nice cosmetic products in hotel bathrooms. However, this property takes things to the next level by offering an amenity kit to a whole new standard. Cosmetic range and packaging are similar to that offered on high end airlines for Long haul flights (when flying First and Business Class).

Amenity Kit Bags
Amenity Kit Bags

By offering a bag the hotel signals that guests are able to take away the gifted cosmetics. These are high end brand items which can last for more than one use. This is something VIP clients will take away with them and remember this hotel the next time they are travelling. Long time branding is key in our game and the Sands understand the value of high end Marketing Gifts and use Promotional Bags for this reason.

Filling Amenity Kit Bags

What are the key components you might expect in a standard kit? Mix and match from the items below or add your own unique items. Amenity kit packaging, Toothbrush and Toothpaste, razer and foam, Eye mask, Eau de Toilette, Perfume, moisturiser, Earplug, Luggage tags, Flight tube socks, Sickness wrist band, Hair Brush, Comb, Finger Splint, Sewing kit, Travel adaptor, Pet toothbrush, Bath Pillow, Beach Pillow, Neck pillow and other Inflatable Products, Willow Basket etc...

Whatever the amenities you put in the kit, the bag design is critical since it is the first thing people see, touch and feel. Work with us to design something special. Customise the colours and materials. Embroider or silk screen print the logos.

Promotional Bag Case Studies

Check out our Promotional Bag Case Studies on Pinterest. Every day our promo gift spotters are checking out the latest trends for this hot marketing gift.   The high visibility nature of bags makes them an excellent location for displaying your logo and many of the Big Brands use them to great effect

. .
  . .

Promotional Bags have very little set up cost and we have low minimum orders.   3 reasons why bags work so well.

  • Customise your bag with your logo and be seen..  Popular methods are Silk Screen Print, Embroidery & Hot Stamping.  Choose the material colour to tie in with your company colours.
  • There are a wide range of materials that you can use - leather, Nylon, Cotton etc...  Let us work with you to find the right material for your budget.
  • Accessorize - make custom zip pullers or add pockets and compartments to meet the needs of your customers.   Every bag can be different.   Give your clients something unique.

What interesting promotions are happening on your market? Send us a mail and we would love to add your news to our growing list of case studies.

Sarong Bag


The Sarobag was designed on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro where our team were relaxing after a long day meeting with Brazilian Promotional Products Companies.  This trip was sponsored by British Airways

Many people we spoke to expressed concern about the high levels of crime and safety for bags on the beach.  Our thoughts shifted towards creating a beach blanket which firmly attached to a bag.   The most elegent solution we could come up with was a combination of a Sarong and a Bag - the SaroBag was born.

In the coming months we will develop new Sarobags dealing with different needs for different beaches and cultures.

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