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Bag on Stitch

A very versatile and fast process, although selecting the thread, fabric layup and stitching the pattern are skilled design processes.
Stitching works with almost every fabric!


Silk Emboridary on BagsBag Embroidary

                                                                  Iron On

Bag EmbroidaryBag Embroidary


Embossed bagEmbossed bag

Embossing ranges from very slight embossing which can barely be felt to highly noticeable textures and structures, giving any type of paper an individual feel. It is particularly suitable for shopping bags. With our sophisticated embossing facility, we can emboss a standard pattern, a logo or a brand name.



Buttons for BagsButtons on Bag

Buttons, although perceived as a rather mass-produced products, can also be customized to your needs or wants. They can be a great way to showcase your firm's logo in a place we do not usually expect.


bag strapBag Strap
The strength of the strap lies in its versatility in a wide array of setting. The strap can be detached from the original bag and used for different purpose. This characteristic renders the add-on extremely interesting as it insures maximal exposure if a logo has been added on.


        In wet circumstances, metal zippers are prone to rust. Hence, take extra  attention to get rid of moisture.
Try not to overfill your bags, as the zippers are prone to crack.
Usually made out of aluminum alloy, as metal sliders erode easily. Therefore, try not to expose it to salt water environment.
Tips: Spread natural beeswax/candle wax on zippers' open teeth to ensure smooth zipping!

Types of Zips for bags

Promotional tags for bags


Mesh at front of bag

Can be placed on the side, front or we can even make the bag out of mesh.
It is a method for air ventilation.

                                                                 PVC Bags

PVC bag

A cheap yet highly used type of materials for bags..
A trend for carrying food and storing items..
Available in all sorts of shape, size, colours and prints..
                                                           Silk screen printing

Silk Screen Printing On Bags

Silk screen printing is the most versatile of all printing process. Can be used on: 
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Metals
  • T-Shirt printing (on most fabrics) 
One of its benefit is that the press can print on stocks of any shape, size or thickness  


Padding For Bags

Padded bags are very strong and durable. Mostly used to support heavy equipments such as sports equipment or computer systems. 
You can custom made your bag with paddings to complement your product, thus making it more secure for the equipment it is carrying. This can then be used as a strong selling point for your clients.

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