Bag Care

Care for Bags
Leather Bag Care
1) Moisturise your leather bag with mink oil
- the leather absorbs the oil and the pores are not clogged
- mink oil not only keeps the leather clean and supple, it also conditions it.
- the use of mink oil soften and remove the dirt and grime accumulated over the bag
2) Clean the leather surface with a damp(not wet) cloth
- For harder stains... apply a litttle pressure(not water) to remove it
**Never use cleaning products with alcohol, caustic products or turpentine to clean leather bags --> it will discolour and dry out the leather further
4) Store your leather bags in breathable cloth bags
**Avoid storing leather bag in plastic as it encourages mold and bacteria growth
5) Protect your leather bags from tapes and pins or other sharp pointed objects
6) Never expose leather to long periods of sunlight
7) Never use shoe cream or saddle soap and cleaning fluids on your leather bags
Nylon Bag Care
1) Make a Solution of lukewarm water and mild detergent or cleaner in a bucket
2) Dip your bag in the solution for sometime
Removing Stains
3) Gently circle a soft bristle on its surface.. Leave it for sometime before washing it again with lukewarm water
4) Air Dry in a location free of direct sunlight
6) Never expose leather to long periods of sunlight
Polyester Bag Care
Rubber Bag Care
Velvet Bag Care
PU Bag Care 

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