Monday 8 February 2021

Eco-Friendly Materials for your Promotional Bags


Whenever you want to get the best promotional products, consider bags as they rank high. 

Many companies give away promotional bags like reflective shopping bags, custom 

cosmetic pouches, and custom luggage bags. Some businesses that love using bags as 

customer giveaways or packaging are department stores, groceries, wine, and cosmetic brands.


They are ideal for street advertising because they expand their brand visibility the more

customers use them every day. We love some excellent bag designs and styles. Here are 

some of our favorite eco-friendly materials for your promotional bags below:

Custom Eco-Friendly Bags

These bags have recycled paper and bamboo, so they are great for conservation promotions and 

green marketing. What we love about these custom eco-friendly bags is their design flexibility. 

They are surprisingly sturdy, and they come in various styles and colors. Print your brand name or 

logo on the bags for better brand visibility.


Custom Cooler Bags

As the name suggests, this is a cooler bag that customers can use for keeping their ice cream cool 

for hours, which is why it's perfect for travel. As a promotional product, we believe that it effectively 

conveys their brand message. More importantly, it extends visibility after customers have finished 

their ice cream because it is reusable.


Eco-Friendly Promotional Bag

Anyone who leaves their home would surely want to bring a bag to keep their daily items. Have 

your fashion spiced up with our eco-friendly promotional bags! These won't just send a vital message 

of protecting the environment as they can also appear stylish and chic. Our custom-designed bags 

can be the next big thing to impress anyone because of their sustainability.

Available in various colors that range from brown and black to mint green and hot pink, it can hold 

many things because of its size. Aside from that, it can come in different designs, such as one that 

shows off a zip and the other hiding the zip.


Promotional Beach Tote Bag

Allow your summer promotions to spice up with these PVC clear neon bags. These bags are so 

stylish as they can suit the ladies' taste. It comes in an excellent brand positioning with a simple 

and neat design that exudes bold colors and fun vibes.


Luggage Bag

Here is a luggage bag that people can attach to their luggage and ensure that the content is safe 

because of the zipper. It can be a simple yet beneficial innovation that can be great for people who 

frequently travel.

Promotional Trolley Bags


Having added wheels on branded shopping bags can expose your brand in the marketplace as 

it makes shopping more convenient for anyone. It includes a mesh on the side that is perfect for 

keeping the water bottle within reach.

Pumpkin Bag

Great for Halloween, when the number of road accidents is high, these pumpkin candy bags have 

reflective piping so your brand can be evident whenever the kids cross the street.

Custom Promotional Bag

Since summer is about to arrive, you need to use various promotional items to reinforce your 

marketing campaign. Do this by considering multiple promotional products that can help people 

every day. Whenever it is summer, people often use custom promotional bags everywhere 

as these can look great for anyone on the beach.


Custom Cute Candy Bag

Because of this bag's shape and colors, it is highly eye-catching that it can spark the interest 

of anyone who gets to see it.

Reflective Promotional Bags

Here are branded reflective bags that are far from the ordinary as they have light-reflective fabric 

that can shine whenever there is light. It comes from the same material used in construction vests 

that can be great as night gears because people can see them in the dark. 

Wireless Custom Charging Bag

This wireless custom charging bag is a promotional product that has beauty and functionality in one.

As a great innovation, it lets any customer charge their devices anytime and anywhere. 

Aside from that, you can have your logo and brand name at the back or front side of the bag 

that could be wide enough for anyone to see.

You can have any of these bags used for great marketing strategies like an on-pack promotion 

or gift with purchase to be attractive for customers. It can even help in retaining them.

Just inform us of the budget you want to work with to provide you various options. 

Our promotional bags can be affordable whenever you buy in large quantities, 

and we have an extensive array of options that anyone can choose.

Harness Our Creativity 

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Over the years, the company allowed its services to expand while being rooted firmly in Asia

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and services scope for more than a decade.

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Eco-Friendly Materials for your Promotional Bags

  Whenever you want to get the best promotional products, consider bags as they rank high.  Many companies give away promotional bags like r...