Friday 24 August 2018

Check Them Out! Top Promotional Bag Designs That Will Wow Shoppers

We got some beautiful bag styles and designs for you, guys! Our team has found a variety of awesome pouch bags, wine bags, and luxury bags being offered as premium gift with purchase or purchase with purchase promotion items.

We have mentioned before that bags are fantastic promotional products due to their flexibility and functionality. They can be used as marketing gifts or packaging. Add some reflective strips, and voila! Your bag now has an additional safety feature that can potentially save lives!

So here's some of our favorite promotional bag designs that you might find interesting:

  1. Davidoff GWP Toiletry Bag

Ideal for carrying toiletries during travels, this toiletry bag from Davidoff is just the right size so it saves luggage space and is easy to carry. The colors also matched the main product they're selling. We also love the leather label with embossed brand name. It gives the free gift item a classy appeal.

Giving away a free shopping bag for a certain amount of purchase is a simple yet effective way to incentivise shoppers. We found this promotion in a shopping store in Thailand. Shoppers will be delighted  to receive  a sturdy free shopping bag they can use to carry their groceries. And when customers are satisfied, they will definitely remember your brand and come back for more.

The metallic finish and the embossed brand name right across the lower part of the tote bag are what made the bag look so expensive and stylish. With this as a gift with purchase item, who would't be enticed to purchase their perfume?

 Bota or wine skin Bag are traditionally made of leather. People in the past would use them to store their alcohol or water. But a few wine brands put a modern spin on this vintage item.

The authentic designs and the high quality materials used in manufacturing these products made them a premium gift with purchase for wine and drinks products.

Let your customers feast their eyes upon these tasty-looking purse! But how can we use it for your promotions? They are ideal as gift with purchase for fastfood chains and other food products. You can also use them as customer giveaways for short promotional runs as they are made from faux leather, which is a cheap alternative to leather. It's easy to manufacture and designs can range from ice creams, french fries etc. Want to use them for brand campaign? You may use cosmetic-related designs for cosmetic marketing or anything that suits your brand!

Do you find these bag ideas interesting? We can help you design and manufacture high quality bags that meet your business needs. Send us an email and our staff will be more than happy to help! For more promotional products ideas, visit our website.

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