Tuesday 27 January 2015

Amenity Kit bags for Hotels

The Sands Casino Resort in Macau take great care of their guests. We are accustomed to finding nice cosmetic products in hotel bathrooms. However, this property takes things to the next level by offering an amenity kit to a whole new standard. Cosmetic range and packaging are similar to that offered on high end airlines for long haul flights (when flying First and Business Class).

Amenity Kit Bags
Amenity Kit Bags

By offering a bag the hotel signals that guests are able to take away the gifted cosmetics. These are high end brand items which can last for more than one use. This is something VIP clients will take away with them and remember this hotel the next time they are travelling. Long time branding is key in our game and the Sands understand the value of high end Marketing Gifts and use Promotional Bags for this reason.

Filling Amenity Kit Bags

What are the key components you might expect in a standard kit? Mix and match from the items below or add your own unique items. Amenity kit packaging, Toothbrush and Toothpaste, razer and foam, Eye mask, Eau de Toilette, Perfume, Moisturiser, Earplug, Luggage tags, Flight tube socks, Sickness wrist band, Hair Brush, Comb, Finger Splint, Sewing kit, Travel adaptor, Pet toothbrush, Bath Pillow, Beach Pillow, Neck pillow and other Inflatable Products, Willow Basket etc...

Whatever the amenities you put in the kit, the bag design is critical since it is the first thing people see, touch and feel. Work with us to design something special. Customise the colours and materials. Embroider or silk screen print the logos. 


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