Thursday 7 June 2018

5 Awesome Reflective Shopping Bag Ideas You Need to See Now

We have launched our reflective bag website just recently and we got lots of shopping bag design works for clients. If you are in the lookout for new trends, then these reflective bags are perfect for you.

They are different from the standard grocery bags here's why:

  • Feature patented reflective piping that is very visible at a great distance.
  • In addition, they are durable and reusable. The bags are made from recyclable PP materials that are durable and eco-friendly. Now that many retail stores are charging shoppers for single use plastic bags, reusable shopping bags make more financial and practical sense. More importantly, you get to help the environment by not using plastic bags for shopping.
  • Designs can vary from simple branded bag with logo, to reflective pumpkin bags, and custom candy bags.

Below we share some of our favorite shopping bag design ideas:

  1. Cute Custom Candy Bag with Reflective Trim as Gaming Merchandise
Pokemon balls are same shape so the logo is really eye-catching. The icon is perfectly framed in this bag.
Cute Custom Candy Bag as Gaming Merchandise

      2. Reflective Promotional Bags for Pharmacies

Apotheek, a chain of pharmacies in Belgium is using custom shopping bags with reflective piping – the same designs and reflective piping, but with different contact details for each of their branch location.
Design Idea: Reflective Promotional Bags For Pharmacies
We make the bags and then Silk Screen print details of each branch including contact details and address.   This could also work for Car Dealerships or other brands with multiple independent branches.
Design Idea: Reflective Promotional Bags For Pharmacies
Above, is another design for kids. It's a coloring bag with free custom crayons manufactured by ODM.

      3. Duty Free Bag with Sleeve

The sleeve of this Duty Free shopping bag allows you to attach it to your luggage and the zipper keeps content safe. Simple yet useful innovation for travelers.
Reflective Shopping Bag Design Idea: Duty Free Bag With Sleeve

The additional wheels on Carrefour's branded shopping bags makes shopping more convenient. Mesh on the side is perfect for keeping water bottle within reach.

Great for Halloween, when the number of road accidents are high, these pumpkin candy bags have reflective piping so that kids are highly visible when they cross the street.

Reflective Pumpkin Bag- Making Halloween Safe and Fun for Kids

We'll give you a glimpse of the manufacturing process. Check out the video below:

Find out more about reflective shopping bags! Visit If you have unique shopping bag design ideas, feel free to speak with our product designers at Mindsparkz. You can also visit for more promotional bag ideas.

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